Flavours, from the spice capital of the world

Flavours of Kerala brings a unique and rich cuisine from Kerala, a coastal state in India. Kerala was known as the spice capital of the world centuries ago attracting traders from around the world. With them came influences of their cultures and religions, infusing a rarely seen variety in cuisine. Coconuts , Cardamom, Cloves, cinnamon, curry leaves and many other local spices infuse Kerala food making it very distinct from other Indian cuisines. Kerala is known by two great monikers, Spice Capital of the World and God’s Own Country, reflecting its centuries old spice trade and tourist destinations.
The owner, Anil Nair, along with Sarath Mohan and Benny Vadakkan invite you to come flavor some unique creations in food. Anil’s passion for cooking started at a very early age, learning age old techniques and recipes from his grand-mother. Always experimenting with recipes he constantly delighted his friends and family at his dinner table. Flavours of Kerala was born out of his desire to share his culinary inspirations with Ottawa.